“Justin Gest brings to his craft a rare combination of scientific rigor and journalistic storytelling, which is why The New Minority stands out. It’s a deeply revealing account of what’s happened in our communities and in our politics.” —Matt Bai, national political columnist for Yahoo News 

“A must-read to understand the brutal reality at the center of the 2016 election. With both sympathy and objectivity, Gest explains the tragedy beneath the anger expressed by the white working class.” —Bill Greider, national correspondent for The Nation 

“If you want to understand the populist right surge and centre-Left slump in Europe, rising white suicide rates and Trump support in America, read this incredibly timely book.” —Eric Kaufmann, University of London 

“Gest transcends the usual arguments about the defensiveness and disaffection of working class white people to develop a schema for understanding them. The result is a powerfully persuasive analysis of the most controversial group in American and British politics. —Monica McDermott, University of Illinois 

“The New Minority gets to the core of what is driving white working-class politics in the U.S. and Europe: the experience of marginalization and the sense of loss. Gest gets there, not just by analyzing data, but by actually talking to working class people and grasping the texture of their lives.” —Bill Schneider, contributing columnist for Reuters, former senior political analyst for CNN 

“Compelling, excellent”…”Gest captures, in unflinching detail, this self-portrait of increasing marginality. …You may think that you have read what you need. You should add this book. If you haven’t read anything about [white working class people] yet, you should start here.” — Paul Musgrave, University of Massachusetts, Amherst